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I'm a climate journalist focused primarily on mainstreaming scientific knowledge on climate change. I also fact-check cases of greenwashing and climate disinformation. 

My work as Founding Editor of Iklim Masasi ('Climate Desk' in English) entails collaborating with respected scientists to communicate their research with the public. At Iklim Masasi, we work together with scientists to transform their work into news articles. These pieces are then shared with journalists to be used free of charge. Our aim is to contribute to the dissemination of science-based information on climate change in Turkey's mainstream media. 

I also work with Teyit, Turkey's leading fact-checking platform, on a greenwashing monitoring project. Once our methodology is complete, we will start fact-checking green claims. We already started publishing 
some articles to introduce relevant concepts. 


Meanwhile, my freelance work has been published at a number of outlets, including The Guardian, Politico and Al-Monitor. Previously, I co-hosted Yeşil Havadis (Green News) at Açık Radyo (Open Radio), did a series of interviews focusing on climate solutions, and created some videos for my Youtube channel.

 You can contact me at for commissions.

  • Heyecan - Gri Çember
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